Tamsin Henderson
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Hi, I’m Tamsin. I’m a copywriter for B2B & technology companies.

My speciality? Business-building copy that crushes customer apathy and rockets your sales.

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Here’s how I’ve helped people like you:

  • Case studies that helped double growth for a global B2B brand 

  • A press release that directly led to a £1 million deal

  • A sales page for the highest-earning coding course—to date

  • A sales page that overfunded a Kickstarter by 2600%

  • B2B copy that achieved #1 Google ranking for clients' keywords

  • A tech case study that scored national press headline news

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“Tam’s a breath of fresh air. As a busy (who isn’t) business owner this is exactly the service I need.  Someone who takes responsibility for a task and ‘makes it so’.”

Jo Evershed
CEO at Cauldron Science

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“Tamsin’s results speak for themselves. Turnover at one client doubled in six years, whilst frontline sales staff reduced by 1/3. The only difference - investment in effective marketing, a large component… Tam's case studies." 

Paul Warner
MD at Journey Studio

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“Tamsin is the magical offspring of a diamond encrusted, golden unicorn and a genie of truly majestic magical skills. We value her creativity and expertise highly.

Gary Smith
VP Sales & Marketing at PhixFlow


Why do shrewd marketers hire me?

Most copywriters don’t have 16 years marketing expertise and most marketers aren’t professional copywriters.

OH HI! I’m the copywriter who writes the way your prospects really think and speak. ‘Cos all that irrelevant technobabble and corporate waffle?

Working against you.

When you sound like an actual human being (and not a textbook with a bad case of the jibber-jabbers)—your leads tend to lean in, open their ears and act.

As a copywriter with a marketer’s heart, I can help you grow your business with vibrant, customer-driven websites, case studies and white papers rooted in research.

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What’s the big deal with case studies?

The CMI Institute found case studies to be the most effective type of content for flagging down leads—and shrinking the sales cycle.

Let’s say that again…

Case studies get you to “YES” faster.

I mean, when was the last time you bought anything without scouring the reviews first?

Me neither. In fact, 94% of us check online reviews before making a purchase.

It’s why smart brands like Salesforce and Box and Adobe know their customers are their best sales people.

Let’s put yours to work too.

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 “Use your existing customers to help you target future customers — it’s a dirty, simple, BRILLIANT secret that’s missed by most marketing people, and that’s what makes Tamsin so good at what she does.

Mark Ritson, Award-Winning Marketing Columnist and Consultant.


Why are case studies so effective?

You can bang your drum ‘till you’re blue as Neptune, but if your leads don’t have confidence in you? No dice.

Your leads want/need cold hard evidence. Evidence they’ll only believe if they hear it from your happy customers.

You see it all comes down to one word: TRUST. The least tangible asset in your toolkit, yet the most important.

My case studies weaponise your best work into a 24-hour social-proof machine.

And just like an everlasting gobstopper, they never run out of flavour, they just keep on giving.


Want to see my work?

From SaaS startups to established international organisations, marketing teams and founders trust me to write their copy. Want to see more? Get in touch!


You can repurpose your case studies for every stage of your buyer’s journey. Here’s how:


Inbound Marketing

Blog posts
White papers


Outbound Marketing

Paid search
Email signatures
Banner ads


Website Malarkey

Landing pages
Lead magnets


PR & Outreach

Press releases 
PR pitches
Award applications
New biz proposals


Meetings & Events

Sales collateral
Event handouts
Follow ups


Social Media

Tweets ‘n’ posts
LinkedIn publications

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Case study packages

Good case studies are worth investing in. Multifunctional and evergreen, these marketing assets will support your sales team for years to come, often paying for themselves many times over.

Which option suits you best?


This format is great for snagging the attention of time-starved prospects and skim readers.

Delivering the challenge, solution and results with blazing velocity, these case studies are low-investment yet persuasive as hell.

Approx. 600 to 700 words + one spokesperson interview.

£875 + VAT


This format has a knack for swaying risk-averse leads looking for a deep dive into real world problem solving.

The magazine-style interview is packed with quotes, testimonials and tweetables.

Rip-roaringly compelling and ripe for repurposing.

Approx. 1200 words + up to two interviews.

From £1075 + VAT


Want beautifully designed case studies without the hassle of managing it all yourself?

Let me handle it all for you.

From £195 + VAT (print and PDF formats)