Tamsin Henderson

Nice to meet you

As a B2B copywriter I’ve spent thousands of hours shaking ideas from people’s brains and assembling them into radically useful copy.

Copy that’s helped a galaxy of organisations get leads, nurture relationships and nail some truly stellar deals.

I’ve detangled data flows, inspired behavioural scientists to get creative, and helped a gaggle of marketing departments sound more human.

I’ve put the willies up museum curators. Helped retailers dazzle the high street. And I’ve done my bit for global science by bigging up the networks that help make it happen.

I ♥ words ‘n’ brains

When not spodding out over thesaurus.com, I’m a serial student and mini schnauzer fan, who loves behavioural science and a nice pint of porter.

Brucie bonus: I run an online copywriting course with 12,000+ students.

I live in Cambridge, England, with my partner and daughter.

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“Tam’s a smart cookie who can research complex technical themes and present them as tasty morsels. She also knows how to sell through sell with copy that’s informative, persuasive, but ultimately, natural. There are plenty of hacks out there but Tam is the real deal.”

Ian Mottashed, VP of Marketing, Imagen



Why work with me?

I translate complex concepts into simple, vivid, human language.

Language that somersaults your leads out of indifference and into what it feels like to own your product or service.

It’s the difference between a case study that bores people to tears, and one that throws star dust over their invisible hopes and dreams.

And since you’re likely windmilling through your week, I take care of everything.

From interviewing your customers, to plopping the finished copy straight into your inbox. And all the table tennis in between.

Long way to say: High voltage impact. Minimum hassle.


My mission

I’m on a mission to humanise boring, ineffective B2B copy. That means:


Ripping out clichés, acronyms and stiff, formal language. Stamping out platitudes. Trashing jargon.


Mining for the rich seams and rare nuggets buried in your stories. The data and anecdotes that trigger your prospects’ bliss points.


 Crafting your copy with clarity, crispness, style and energy. So, y’know… people actually read it. ;)