Why your business (really) needs good case studies

“Is this cave safe to enter?”

For as long as the human race has existed, we’ve relied on each other for information and life-saving advice.

Except nowadays, we’re more likely to ask “Is this a waste of a tenner?”

And since the age of the internet, we’ve all become hardcore reviewers. Word of mouth? So old hat. Now we just jump online to see what our peers think of something before we buy it.

We‘ve all become well versed in scouring the internet for clues before we part with our hard-earned money: YouTube reviews, blog posts, Feefo, star recommendations… you name it.

And it’s not just consumers—businesses do this, too.

Businesses no longer rely on brochures and calls with sales reps. They look to see who their competitors recommend, and which businesses they’ve worked with that left a lasting impression.

And the most effective way to get involved in this new and improved word-of-mouth system?

The humble case study.

A business case study, aka a customer success story offers you the opportunity to shout about your successes. And this gives your prospects an instant breakdown of what you do, and how well you do it. And the best thing?

You’re in control.

You’re basically the master of your own reviews here. Case studies allow you to communicate your best assets and your most impressive success stories in exactly the way you want to.

And no, you definitely can’t cover all of this in your ‘About Us’ page’; case studies offer potential clients something tangible, they bring the abstract into the real world.

Simply explaining your services is fine, but it doesn’t stoke your leads to action like a genuine success story.

Case studies offer your business credibility—another business has gone on record to endorse you; that’s a big deal, and it sends out a clear message.

And this is why case studies are one of the most powerful marketing tools for B2B’s.

They offer your potential clients the proof they’re searching for, the endorsement from someone they trust (preferably somebody like them).

Testimonials breathe life into your sales pitches. Facts and figures are all good, but when they can put a name and a story to that data—that’s what raises the stakes.

And there really is no better endorsement than happy customers who want to publicly go on record singing your praises.

So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this reservoir of free credibility?

Your happy customers are your best sales people.

Don’t leave them hidden in plain sight.

It’s time to put them to work.


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Case studies get you to ‘YES’ faster.

Tam HendersonComment